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Jammu Setup Separate Helplines to Get Info on Drug Smuggling: Will It Help?

The wide-spread menace of drug smuggling in Punjab and Jammu and all across the country is known to all. To get proper information of the drug smuggling, Jammu police has recently set up separate helplines. However, one can very much doubt whether this move will be beneficial or not. Especially because most people are not even aware of what drugs can do to their lives.

Actually, consumption of illegal drugs can absolutely ruin your lives. At Navjyoti Foundation, we are trying to eliminate the problem of drug addiction from the lives of the people. Unless people are aware of what to do when someone actually gets addicted, it will be difficult to stop this menace. They have to come to a rehabilitation centre in Punjab.

Will This Move Work?

The move of the Jammu police is very smart. Having a separate helpline for the information of drug smuggling will help them to act quickly. But, the question is, will they actually get the information? People are sceptic about coming to a rehabilitation centre in Punjab for treatment. Reason for that is they feel social pressure. People are still prejudiced about drug-addicted people. Also, the drug smugglers could have the back up of powerful personalities. So, there will be a security concern for those who contact Jammu police through this helpline. Will Jammu police be able to provide protection to that person? Still, it is unknown.

How to Approach this Problem

Drug addiction is a psychological problem which can literally ruin someone’s life. Also, there is a problem of facing society as a drug addict. So, the first thing one has to do is get rid of that mental backlog which one has. You should come to our rehabilitation centre in Punjab. Here we will provide you with the best treatment. Also, after availing the treatment, you have to make aware of the fellow drug addicts to come to use. Here you and other drug addicts will realize that there is a wonderful life without drugs. As you spread this message, you will do more to evacuate drugs from our society.

Actual Understanding of the Situation

At our rehabilitation centre in Punjab, our patients know that this addiction is actually ruining their life. When this awareness spreads across all the people in the country, people will be less inclined to have drugs. In such a scenario, this whole business of drug will not be that much profitable. So, the drug smuggling will die down automatically. It is as simple as that. So, once you get the treatment at our rehabilitation centre in Punjab, it is time for you to spread the message.

Finally, Navjyoti Foundation is a place where we treat every drug addict in a holistic way in our rehabilitation centre in Punjab. We welcome this effort of Jammu police to eradicate drug smuggling problem from our society. But, there is another thing that the people of society have to do. Make people aware of going to a rehabilitation centre in Punjab. In this way, the problem can be sorted out.

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